about us

Starting with the name, it was clear that the vision is clear.

EVERBAIT = The right bait for every situation.

The love of nature and the passion for fishing are in the foreground and it is tried to bring every angler to the dream fish!

Every fishing experience brought new knowledge and every lure was changed to maximize the chance for the ''once in a lifetime'' fish. The path to creating the perfect lures was laid out early.

Getting the predators on the hook is the real challenge, so movements as well as body shape of prey fish and crayfish are imitated. In addition, the baits are mixed with specially enriched scent, different colors and salts to cover other stimuli of the predators.

An environmentally friendly plastic mixture is injection molded into the specially made metal molds. For maximum precision, these molds were made of aluminum and cooled with water during the process. This ensures that each bait, down to the last detail, is poured evenly. For the guarantee that this is not a "fake" product, Everbait is engraved in each of the metal molds to ensure that each bait is provided with our stamp.